Summertime: Food for Camping Trips

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Food and water are essential for a camping trip

When we go camping or take a long-term excursion, we must be very careful with the food we carry. We must have minimum food safety, so that we will not cause any intoxication, and have health problems if we are far away from a medical center. It is also essential to guarantee that the source of water is potable.

  • When we camp in a tent at a campsite, we have many comforts and equipment as in any domestic kitchen; generally, it is close to places with drinking water.
  • Everything is a little more complicated if you opt for camping a little less conventionally, free camping or a mountain expedition for several days, overnighting in tents or shelters.
  • When it is a day trip, it is easier because we can plan the three meals, and keep them comfortably cold or hot as the case may be. But if the departure lasts more than a day, the food must be planned in sufficient detail.

One of the factors that most affect camping in summer is the high temperature, so you have to choose carefully the foods that you are going to take, and that can be appropriately maintained.

Some food ideas for camping in the summerfood 50742 300x300 - Summertime: Food for Camping Trips

1) Canned preserves

They are long-lasting and do not need refrigeration, but once opened they must be consumed and eliminate the surplus because they cannot be refrigerated. Examples of canned preserves are legumes, vegetables, fish in oil, and canned meats.

2) Rice and dry pasta

The advantage is that rice and pasta combined with almost all foods (vegetables, meats or canned fish) are very delicious and energetic.

3) Soups and other dehydrated foods

4) Nuts and chocolate

These foods are easy to conserve and high in energy. Only be careful to keep them closed when they are not in use to avoid dust or insects.

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