Lures To Have a Successful Fishing Day

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How to Choose the Correct Lure?

A fishing lure is nothing more than the imitation of a prey, such as a swimming fish or a rotating spoon, encouraging it to sting and initiate the attack. This fishing technique requires knowledge of the different practices of the movement of the lures, demanding the most relevant selection of fishing materials.
There are a great variety of lures with their different colors and shapes, depending on the technique and type of fish that we want to capture we will use one or the other.  Even depending on the fishing area, the use of the lures will vary, there is no “better” and “best” choice of colors, but a suitable variety and experience will be the indispensable tools for a successful fishing day.

The type and size of the lure usually depend on the species of fish in which you are interested. Although there is no definite role for the different lures, the idea is that a lure matches in the best possible way with the natural prey of a fish.bigstock Young man fishing on a lake fr 50275337 - Lures To Have a Successful Fishing Day

The fishing professionals use a very curious trick.

They mark the crankbaits that give them the best results and keep them as the most precious treasure. For that reason, in many photos, we observe that they carry several artificial ones in their fishing boxes and that among all of them there is one, or maybe two, that carry a small mark, they are the real talisman.

Here are some of the most used lures:

  • Trolling lures or exciters

  • Spoons

  • Jigs

  • Articulated lures

  • Poppers

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