Top Spots for Camping in Denver

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Best options to camp in Denver

Each family has their preferences for camping. Some prefer the convenience of going in an RV or camper, others in a tent where electric is available. Also, there are those who want to go camping and build their tent in the forest or on the beach, away from the stress of the city.

However, all campers like going to a place where there is contact with nature, and time to relax.

Here are a few suggestions to go camping in Denver, Colorado.

1. South Mineral Campground

This place allows camping any time of the year since it has an excellent climate; the neighbors here are friendly and helpful people. The variations of colors in the rock, the green valleys, the mining structures make South Mineral Campground a favorite place to camp.

2.  Mountain Park ColoradoAvalanche Lake mountains e1458491663471 300x300 - Top Spots for Camping in Denver

It is an excellent place to camp where the nights are not usually cold. In the early or late season, these times are ideal if you want to camp with a little snow. This place is next to the road along the Rio Poudre, the sound of the river drowns out the noise that is made by cars on the road.

3. Chambers Lake

This place is very popular and in high times, it is quickly filled with people camping. They do not accept reservations, so you have to go with plenty of time to find a place to build a camp. You have the option of going to the side of the lake where there is an established campground or to the other side and set up your own camp. This place is very good for trout fishing; it is also an ideal place to see the stars.

4. Long Draw

It is a place with a splendid view, and it is almost always full, so you must plan the camping trip ahead of time to get a space.


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