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Road trips and backyard camping

In this global world, people often live far away from their original home town, and family and friends are spread all over the country. Hitting the road and planning a trip to visit friends and family is great, but sleeping on pullout couches and small guest beds can begin to wear on a person after a few nights. Denver Tent Company has the solution: take a Wall Tent with you. It’s like bringing a private bedroom along for you and your partner, so that you will have a little space to yourselves.

OYOA September 2009 Hunt - Sportsmen Tents for Backyard Camping

Colorado Lodge Tent

A Private Bedroom Wherever You Go

Laughing, cooking, catching up, playing with the kids and eating at great restaurants are all the good things about visiting old friends who live far away, or family you haven’t seen for a while. You want to spend as much time together as possible before you have to head home again. But after all the fun and games, it’s nice to be able to sneak off to your own private bedroom and have a little time to yourself to relax and get a quiet night’s sleep. A Colorado Wall tent is perfect for these occasions. You can practically set up your own little house in your friends’ back yard, and it has plenty of legroom for all of your clothes and a good mattress, so that you won’t feel cramped. It really is the perfect livable tent and if you are heading to colder areas of the world, bring along your Cylinder Camp Stove. The canvas wall tent is already built to accommodate this safe and reliable source of heat for cold night, and it’s easy to carry, set up and take down. Perfect for road tripping around the country and sleeping in friends’ backyards.

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Colorado Wall Tent

Kids sleep outside, adults sleep inside

If the space is limited, try one of our Colorado Range Tents instead, it’s perfect if you just need a shelter to rest your tired bones after long days of sightseeing and other activities. This is also a perfect tent to entice the kids to want to sleep outside in the tent while you take over their bedroom for a few days! Just tell them it’s the number one tent used for working cowboys, a.k.a. The Cowboy Tipi. The kids will love it, and you’ve just secured yourself a bedroom! It’s a win win.

Custom tipi  - Sportsmen Tents for Backyard Camping

Entice the kids to sleep outside in a Cowboy Tipi, while you take over their bedroom for a few days.
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Denver Tent Company Sportsmen’s Tents

We have a range of Sportsmen’s Tents for any occasion, big or small. Check out our warehouse right here in Colorado and see if we have something for you already in our inventory, or if you have specific requirements for your wall tent, or the type of fabric used, please let us know. We make our product right here in Colorado to ensure premium quality products that will last a lifetime, so we can accommodate many of your requests for custom made tents and fabrics. And when you have friends or family visiting you, you will be able to return the favor and provide them with their very own private living space in your backyard.

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