Spend Winter Improving Your Base Camp Game

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Before you head out for the day when camping, it’s important to make sure your base camp is prepared for anything. This means weather, accidents, broken equipment, and more. Thankfully, there’s a lot you can do during the off-season to improve your base camp game. With the right items in your kit, you can hit the mountain hard next season with a base camp you can rely on. Here’s what you should be looking at this winter.

Gear and accessories to improve your base camp, replace broken poles and tent liners

The first step is to take an inventory of your current camping gear. Sort it into categories and then check each item carefully. Look for tears, rips, broken fasteners, missing pieces, and more. Think back to the last time you took the equipment out. Were you warm enough? Did you struggle with a zipper? Did you spot a rip in the ceiling? Now is the time to assess each item and figure out if you need repairs or replacements for anything. Camping accessories can go a long way in making your outdoor experience more comfortable. Use this winter wisely so that you don’t find yourself missing a critical piece of gear when the sun comes out again.

spruce stove 300x300 - Spend Winter Improving Your Base Camp Game

Don’t forget camping accessories—like this Spruce stove—for your base camp this winter.

Basecamp luxury items to keep you dry and warm, including stoves, vinyl flooring, wall organizers

If you’re looking to up your base camp game next season, there are a few items you might consider adding to your kit. Firstly, you should think about vinyl flooring. You probably don’t think about vinyl flooring when you think “camping gear,” but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of extra comfort. It can protect your gear and keep you warmer. A stove is a smart idea, too. It can keep you warm and prolong your season as the temperature drops.

Whether you’re looking for wall organizers, pole replacements, a camp stove, or a brand new tent, contact us to get the camping accessories you need to complete your base camp.

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