Natural Soil Sterilization Using Canvas Steam Hoses

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Eliminate Weed Seeds, Pathogens, and Destructive Insects from Your Planting Beds Without the Use of Harmful Chemicals

For something so ethereal and simple, steam is a powerful thing. It allowed humankind to advance technologically at unprecedented speeds in the span of just a few decades after the invention of the steam engine; a feat that started the Industrial Revolution and, in turn, laid the foundations of the world as we know it today.
So, it should be no surprise that the ways we can use steam is quite varied and can be applied to many fields to our advantage. For organic farmers, steam represents an excellent alternative for sterilizing the soil of their planting beds before laying the seeds for the next crop.

hose - Natural Soil Sterilization Using Canvas Steam Hoses

High-quality 4″ diameter 14.90-oz Duck Canvas sterilizing hose

How to Use a Canvas Steam Hose for Garden Bed Sterilization

  • The steam needs to be applied at ground level using a specially designed canvas hose, which distributes the steam flow evenly across the entire area being treated. The heat from the steam, which ranges between 140° F to 160° F, is what kills the unwanted pathogens, insects, and weed seeds and roots inside the soil.
  • Before the hose is laid out on the planting bed, the soil needs to be properly broken and aerated, since the steam can not penetrate solid blocks of ground and thus, the effectiveness of this method will be minimal.
  • Once the hose is properly placed on the area to be treated, it can be attached to the steam generator of your choice. Make sure the attachment is secure and take all the precautions necessary to prevent burns from touching heated parts or from the steam itself. Follow the steam generator’s manufacturer instructions for its operation and safety.
  • For the steam application to be the most effective, it should last for at least 30 minutes after the area has been covered with a tarp to keep the steam and heat at ground level. If the garden bed is too large to be done in one application, you can then reposition the canvas steam hose on the next quadrant to be treated and repeat the process.  

What’s the advantage of steam soil sterilization?

If you care about the environment and like to look for alternative ways to practice organic gardening, then using steam to sterilize your planting soil is a great option for you. A steam generator designed for agricultural purposes provides a low-pressure steam source that can be utilized for disinfecting and sterilizing the soil.
eatright e1494299398220 - Natural Soil Sterilization Using Canvas Steam Hoses
The steam and the heat that it carries eliminates the need of applying harmful chemicals to the ground, which could be absorbed by the plants and eventually passed on to humans. This process also creates a better environment for the crop’s root systems, favoring growth and overall health, and yielding better and faster production results, therefore improving your sales.
Additionally, using steam sterilized soil that has been freed from disease and weed seeds saves significant time in the long run, since there won’t be a need to waste hours diagnosing crop issues and treating them. Plus, any future weeding time is also considerably reduced.

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