Smart Camper's Voice: Keeping Mammals Away From Your Food

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Keep Your Food Safe When You Are Camping

Getting back to nature can be a memorable experience – unless animals come and ruin it. I used to go camping on a beautiful beach with my family and had lots of fun. However, sometimes the fun would become fear because animals smelled our food and visited our campsite during the night. More than once, they ate the food and made a mess with all our stuff. Remember: just because a squirrel doesn’t pose a threat to your life doesn’t mean you should forget about animal-proofing techniques when you’re camping.

Don’t feel like making friends with raccoons, chipmunks, squirrels, skunks, and rats?

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Here are some simple tips to keep your food from being stolen by animals.

Step 1: Put your food in a locked cooler or plastic box, or if you have a car nearby, store it inside to keep it away from “thieves.”
Step 2: Keep your campground clean and pick up any food that might fall on the ground. This is indispensable to avoid insects, rodents, and mammals to stick around. “If an animal can’t smell your food, it won’t eat your food.”
Step 3: Hang your food on a tree. You can use a parachute cord—at least 100 feet. Attach a rock to one end and your food bag to the other. Toss the rock over a branch that is at least 20 feet high, and then raise your stash. Tie off the p-cord around the tree.
Step 4: Most wild animals are naturally afraid of fire, so keeping a campfire going in your camp can help to drive them away.
Step 5: Making noise in your camp is another way to keep animals from coming closer to you.
Step 6: Don’t forget to sleep in a sturdy tent.

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Photo of Colorado Range Tipi at Blue Sky Sage

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