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Want to Improve Your Physical and Mental Health? Go Camping! Cook Outdoors!

I spent most of the summers camping with my family and friends. Those are the best memories we all have. Adventure is the key word for these kinds of trips. My kids loved to go for walks out into the wild and see nature with all its beauty. Sometimes, we would go fishing or swimming in rivers or lakes. Other times, we would go hiking or picking berries. To feel the freedom of being outdoors and breathing fresh air away from the smog and noise of the city is priceless. However, the best part of it was the excitement of preparing our meals in a campfire using different recipes and ways of cooking. Here is an example of an easy recipe that we used to make in the camping site, especially if we ourselves caught the fish.
Salmon on the Grill
Things you need:
Grill, salmon fillets, herbs, spices, and chopped vegetables, aluminum foil, and olive oil.
Step 1:  Fire up your grill to fully heat up.
Step 2: Season salmon with rosemary, dill,  lemon, salt, and pepper. You can add soy sauce, cooking wine, and veggies, if you want.
Step 3: Spray olive foil sheets with olive oil and wrap each salmon fillet skin side down in the center of the foil sheet. Add veggies. Fold the foil sides together to create a seal and prevent the fish from coming out.
Step 4: Place the salmon on your grill in an area of indirect heat. Avoid areas right above the flames.
Step 5:  Close the lid to your grill and cook for about 15 to 20 minutes. Your salmon is ready when it’s light pink.
Camping is a way to get reconnected with nature, go back to basics, and enjoy the simple moments of life. I recommend that all families live this adventure because of the physical and mental benefits which will improve your health. Cooking on a campfire and sleeping in a tent is an unforgettable experience!
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