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Tips for Camping with Children

For those who love camping and outdoor adventuring, my best advice is this: Keep it simple and cheap, but organize yourself! Making lists is indispensable. There are some responsibilities and chores to do, but nothing compares to spending quality family time. Falling asleep to the sound of waves and listening to the trees swaying in the gentle breeze has no príce.

From my experience, I can share some tips to camp safely and happily.Screen Shot 2015 03 29 at 21.11.11 - Smart Camper's Voice: Camping with Small Kids

  • Pack essentials and comfort items. A first aid kit with Band-aids, hydrogen peroxide, fever medicine, gauze, tweezers, etc.
  • Also remember sunscreen, wipes, bug spray, after-bite and aloe vera gel, swimming diapers, towels, and swimsuits.
  • Talk a lot before and during the trip. Basically explain what not to touch, or not to do.
  • Take food such as cereal, snacks, sausages, bread, and eggs. Don’t forget a good propane camping stove.
  • Pack some new toys, books, and beach stuff to make roads and hills in the sand. It’s a great time to make sand castles.
  • Invest in a good tent. Look for features such as excellent mosquito screening, well-sealed seams, and lots of screened windows for good airflow when it’s hot.
  • Get a two room tent – one that is high enough to stand up and walk around easily. It’s called glamping.

DenverTent in CompanyWeek - Smart Camper's Voice: Camping with Small Kids
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