Smart Camper's Voice: Building a Fire

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Camping and Grilling

When you are camping, the grill is an opportunity to enjoy good food, but also to have a good time with friends or family. Some people enjoy preparing it and make this a whole ceremony. Fire is the beginning of cooking, so before you master grilling, you must know how to build and maintain it. It is important to know how to distribute the wood or charcoal if you want to be a better griller.

Before Getting to Grilling

Clean the grill using soap and water. If you have not used the grill for a long time, you will have to pass it through the fire before the remains that are stuck to it start to burn. Also, clean it with a newspaper, and finally with water and soap.

Coal and Fire

Many believe that this is the most complicated part. Although there are special coals that are ready to be lighted and placed on the grill (sold in some supermarkets and accompanied by matches), traditional coal is commonly used. If this is the case, it is advisable to verify that the coal is in good condition (that has not spent much time stored). Being wet will take a long time to ignite. The second step is to add some flammable liquid or cream to create the fire.

The Technique of the Pyramid

To light fire, you must stack the coals in the form of a pyramid, leaving space between them so that the fire does not drown. Then, it is important to help yourself with some newspaper, small wood chips, or small twigs to keep the fire properly when turned on. After this, distribute the hot coals evenly. One of the keys to good grilling is an even fire.

Professional Level of Fire

You can control the temperature variation like a chef. This means you can have a hot area and a not-so-hot area. This is called a two-level fire. The advantage of this is that you have an area to sear foods and an area to cook them through. Just set up half your fire in a single layer of coals and the other half in two or three layers. This is also a good way to cook different types of foods.
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244 - Smart Camper's Voice: Building a Fire
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