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Rifle Skills Will Make You a Better Hunter

 Elevating your shooting skills will help you get the best results for this hunting season, so here are some great tips to achieve that.

shooting 554240 1024x686 - Shooting Tips for Hunting1. Focus During Practice

Good shooting starts in your mind. Simply pulling a trigger is not the way to go. Olympic gold medalist Lones Wigger says it like this: “Make each shot count. When I practice, every shot gets my best effort, down to the smallest detail. Consistency matters. Such focus is exhausting. When I can no longer concentrate, I quit for the day.”  

Call your shots before you see where they have hit. When bullets hit where you predicted, rejoice. If didn’t predict well, practice, practice, practice until you make it.

2. Work on Improving Your Positions

The best and most affordable way to practice several shooting positions is to do it with a rimfire rifle that estimates the weight and feel of a deer rifle. There are three sitting positions you should try: crossed-ankle, crossed-leg, and with your knees tent-like, comfortably spread, heels grounded. Just remember that whether sitting or kneeling, bone-on-bone support is the key element.

3. Master the Sling

No matter if you are sitting, or kneeling, it is always good to use a sling. Contrary a carrying strap; a sling has an adjustable loop, and it hangs loosely from your arm to the rear support. A leather sling is always a better option than one made out of nylon. We all know that nylon is cheaper – it will slip. The “hasty sling” is a technique that has been used off-hand with a strap or sling wrapped around your arm, which can serve to decrease tremors and improve your shooting skills.

weapon 1038953 1024x683 - Shooting Tips for Hunting4. Aim small; miss small

Shoot only if under current conditions you can make a lethal hit 90% of the time. Also take into consideration that an entire animal is too large a target. Narrow your focus to a place on the shoulders or ribs. If you aim small; you miss small. Focusing on a single smaller spot gives you a better chance of hitting your mark. Don’t get distracted by how big the animal is, but focus on how sharp your shooting must be.

5. Fire Only When You Are Fully Ready

Think before you fire. Ask yourself, “Is this as close as I can get to the animal?” Closer is always better. Most hunters have more time than they actually use. While unnecessary delay can be costly, getting your rifle to settle before shooting is crucial.

Colorado Tent 2 e1465431342760 1024x1024 - Shooting Tips for Hunting6. Choose a Good Resting Place

When you are out on a hunting trip, the way you rest during the night is a crucial component. You can’t focus and maintain good balance if you are tired from a bad night sleep, which is why choosing the best hunting tent for you is so important. At the Denver Tent Company, we have the very best canvas options for you. Visit our website and get the tent you deserve for this hunting season.

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