How to Set Up a Tent on Windy Days?

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Protect the tent from the wind

Winds can complicate a camping trip; the most annoying part is to set up a tent, an experience that can ruin your trip.

Ways to set up a tent and protect it from the windcustomer photos023 300x300 - How to Set Up a Tent on Windy Days?

When choosing where to set up camp, bear in mind the direction of the wind, the inclination of the surface, and the strength of the winds (on the tent).

  • Locate the narrowest part of the tent facing the wind, also making this part coincide with the inclination of the surface. If your tent is on its side against the wind, the surface against it will be larger and will attack your tent as if it were a sail.
  • Before unpacking your tent, keep your backpack and other heavy items on hand, so they are ready to be used as a weight on the tent layers or other items, that can be easily blown.
  • Once the tent is assembled, put these heavy objects inside to firm the base of the tent.tent stake pole bags 300x214 - How to Set Up a Tent on Windy Days?
    Before everything else, remove the rods from the tent and immediately put them together. Take the tent out of the bag; you will need something that will give it firmness to help you handle it more easily. This is extremely useful advice, as you will see for yourself.
  • Another tip: put the stakes in your pocket to keep them always at hand.CO open 2 300x300 - How to Set Up a Tent on Windy Days?
    With two stakes in your hand, take the inner body of the tent from the side that will be facing the wind and lift it with both hands. Without the wind blowing away the tent, let it make it flap like a flag. That will determine the direction in which it will be best to set up the tent. Lower the tent and nail the stakes you had arranged.

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