Tips to Set Up a Tent in the Snow

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Good ideas for winter camping

Winter camping can be lots of fun if we learn some tips to set the tent and buy high-quality materials like the ones Denver Tent has offered for more than 100 years.

  1. The first thing is to compact and flatten the ground to get a smooth and firm surface on which to sleep. If the surface is smooth, but you do not compact the snow beforehand, it will sink under the weight. During the night it will warm with body heat and transform the snow creating a firm irregular surface and full of uncomfortable holes for sleeping.
  2. To compact it, you can walk several times over the area, and/or tap the area with a shovel. If you have rackets or skis, this task will be faster and more effective. Then, wait 30 minutes for the newly compacted snow to harden, this will make it easier to nail the tent.Snowy Horses Tents 300x300 - Tips to Set Up a Tent in the Snow
  3. Then set up the tent.
  4.  With hard snow, as in a glacier, you will have no problem. Normal 100 1688 300x300 - Tips to Set Up a Tent in the Snowstakes hold enough.
  5. In softer snow, you will need a little longer and special square-shaped snow stake.
  6.  In powder or very soft snow, this is where you find more difficulties, due to low resistance to the extraction of the stakes.


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