Setting Up a Tent in the Snow

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Winter tent camping in the snow is a great experience!

The weather conditions and the terrain will affect where you set up your tent campsite.

Here are some tips for building a campsite in the snow

1) The tent should be lightweight and very resistant to wind and rain.camping in the snow 300x300 - Setting Up a Tent in the Snow

These types of tents have limited space, so you should plan well how to accommodate them.

You could carry a more massive tent with more space if you are parking your vehicle close to the campsite.

2) Choose the tent location carefully.

Avoid sloping areas with the possibility of avalanches, or where it is very windy.

A good campsite could be in dense forest areas which give some wind protection. But be sure there are no heavy branches overhead, covered with a lot of snow.

Another factor to consider is to direct the tent eastward toward the morning sun.

3) Before setting up the tent, compact the ground for a firm and smooth surface for sleeping.

If the snow is not compact, then your body will sink when its time to sleep.

You can walk over the area several times in the snow, or give it several blows with a shovel to help compact the ground.

4) When the snow is hard, the stakes will hold up. 100 1688 300x300 - Setting Up a Tent in the Snow

5) Soft snow will require longer stakes about 12 inches.

6) In soft snow, you can also use snow sticks, snow anchors, or snow stakes.

7) After setting up the tent, it is best to make a wall of snow blocks to help protect from the wind.

The blocks can be about 12 inches and are stacked facing the wind.

The wall should not be very close to the tent so that snow does not accumulate between the wall and the shelter at night.

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