Saving Your Lion Pride

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We are explorers, we are adventurers and we want to see things “first hand”, and not just sit in front of the Nature Channel watching documentaries on exotic bugs and proud predators. We travel half way across the world to sit in a jeep and drive through the African safari to see lions and giraffes and other native animals in their natural habitat. Zoos are no longer good enough. We want “the real thing”. But we have to be careful as well, because an African Safari Tour may seem like you are seeing the real deal, but as the old philosophy goes, once you know you are being watched, you automatically change your natural behavior. This is also true of the animals on your safari. Their “natural habitat” is no longer natural as soon as you come through with the whirring of the cameras, the pointing and ooh-ing and aah-ing. Not to mention the jeep or bus that you are traveling in.
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I’m not saying we shouldn’t be able to go on safari, of course we should, I am just saying that you should be aware of the fact that if it is not natural for you to be there, it is not natural for the animal, and therefore you are changing the environment in which these animals live. And the truth is, because of Man, that area, that land or habitat is becoming smaller and smaller and we continue to develop on more and more on their hunting grounds. When farmers expand into the jungle, they begin to co-habitat with wild animals and it is only natural for those animals to start seeing your herd as food for their family, their pride. They are wild animals; they do not distinguish between your milk cows or the gazelle. They just see food, and they are fighting for their own survival.

Our Lion Prides are Disappearing

Perhaps the most majestic of creatures that people travel far to see is the lion: the king of the jungle. These animals are celebrated in all cultures, in movies, with statues and paintings. The lion is our protector, the fighter, showing pride and wisdom and incredible strength when it comes to fighting for or protecting his or her pride. They are family oriented, they travel in prides and they are loyal. All attributes that we would like to possess ourselves and we use the lion to remind us to be all those things. However, while we are busy celebrating and preserving the lion in modern culture, this big majestic cat is slowly disappearing from the wild. And it is our fault, and it is avoidable!
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It’s time to protect the lion and help them survive and come out bigger, stronger and more proud than ever. If you want to help here’s a few ways to do so.There is no reason we can’t all co-exist, we just have to be smart about it. While you are on your next safari, think of how much this experience will give you and your family. Think of what you will take away from seeing animals in their “natural habitat”, living their lives as intended, and then think about how you can preserve this experience for many generations to come. In the circle of life, if you take a little, make sure you also give a little back.
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The Denver Tent Company wishes you happy, safe and responsible travels filled with adventure and a lifetime of memories for you and your loved ones!

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