Safety in the Woods Part #2

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Tips To Be Safe in the Woods

A family camping trip will be a lot of fun with some safety rules and precautions to take. It is necessary to know everyone’s limits, to pack only the important items, and to plan ahead.

The first thing to do if you are going on a hike or camping in the woods is to tell your neighbors, family, or friends where you’re heading to and when you will come back. However, there are other precautions you should take before your adventure in the woods. Be prepared and stay safe during your trip. Here are some hiking tips that will help you travel light and be safe.

Be Safe and Have Fun in the Woods

Set Your Phonehunting 2012 300x225 - Safety in the Woods Part #2

You can have a map of the place you are going, but it is a good idea to download the Google Maps area you’ll stay in before leaving. If you do this, the advantage is that the GPS will still work even without a cell signal. Use a good radar app to forecast the weather.

Take a Lighter

For safety in case of getting lost, or just to make a fire and sit around it, a lighter is a smart item to have.

Enough Battery

Maybe you don’t want to use your phone, but it is possible that someone might need it. So, a phone will guarantee security and extra fun. You can use apps to identify trees, constellations, birds, and plants.  Stay charged and feel safe.

Grab Water or a Water Filter

We all know water is the most important thing for us. Be sure to have enough water or if you go to a river or lake, take a water filter.


The recommended tool is a multi-tool.first aid kit 59646 300x225 - Safety in the Woods Part #2

First Aid Kit

Just be sure to have band-aids, antibiotic cream, sterile gauze, safety pins, anti-inflammatory pills,  tweezers, and pain relief pills to provide security on the trail.


It is better to be protected in the dark. Maybe your hiking trip lasted more than you thought and you had to return at night.

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