River Fishing Tips and Accessories

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Advice for Fishermen in Rivers

For anglers, going fishing is relaxing and the best escape from the stress of everyday life. Just being near a stream is a great relaxer, but you still want to catch a fish. In order to catch the desired fish, we need the best equipment available.

Basic Gear for the Fishermen

Besides the usual recommendations to fish in a river – like polarized glasses, live bait, calm areas or slow currents with weeds, and waders – there are some accessories that a fisherman must have. Denver Tent Company offers you some of the best fishing equipment that has been tested to ensure the quality of the product.   Just take a look at some of the accessory products.

The Arcticreel

Arcticreels 600x600 - River Fishing Tips and AccessoriesAn arcticreel is a type of small canvas basket mainly used by anglers to hold fish and keep them chill. Traditionally, they were made out of wicker. Times have changed and now, Denver Tent Company has created an original self-cooling creel that keeps fish at the right temperature with high-quality materials. It was introduced in 1940 and has become a necessary gear for the anglers.  It’s functional, lightweight, and easy to carry through the woods, riverbanks, or hills. It reduces the temperature within as it evaporates.

Some important features of this accessory that make it so useful

  • big compartment
  • made from flax canvas
  • anti-rust hardware
  • waterproof flap to keep angler dry
  • easy to wash to ensure a clean, fresh creel over the years
  • tackle pocket
  • shoulder strap
  • rings for attaching extra accessories

The arcticreel is a must for fishermen and sportsmen alike. Denver Tent Company specializes in manufacturing high-quality products that will last forever. When you go fishing the arcticreel is your best ally to help you keep all your prey fresh. Visit our Web page to order your Arcticreel.

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