Rent a Tent and Go Glamping Near San Francisco

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Glamping is Possible at a Reasonable Price

Who says it is not possible to go camping with luxury?

Thanks to the new service Denver Tent is offering, you can go to many exclusive campsites this summer. You can either buy a tent or rent a tent. All over the country, there are awesome places to camp. You can choose from the northeast near New York to the northwest near Portland or Seattle, or you can go to Colorado in the southwestern region or near San Francisco by the Pacific Ocean.

This time, let us give you a recommendation in the area near San Francisco.

Butano State Park

If you are looking for a different place that is not very inhabited to go camping, then Butano State Park is the right place for you, as it gives you the feeling of isolation from society and is quiet. Butano is a well-organized campground just off the pacific coast of California (San Francisco) that is located deep in a redwood-covered valley. The park features miles of hiking trails, 21 drive-in campsites, and 18 walk-in campsites. Restrooms with running water are provided.
There are miles of hiking trails awaiting you, many with awesome views of the redwood wilderness that resides on the peninsula. There are different opinions regarding where the name of Butano State Park comes from. Some people think that it is the word for “a cup made from bull’s horn.” Others believe that it means “a gathering place for friendly visits” in one of the Native American languages. Regardless of the origins of the name, the park itself is a wonderful example of redwood forest full of giant trees, ferns, and other nature’s wonders,
Dogs are permitted in the campground and in developed areas, providing they are controlled with a leash of no more than six feet at all times. Dogs are not permitted on the trails.forest 981588 - Rent a Tent and Go Glamping Near San Francisco

At the Denver Tent Company, we only use the highest quality canvases: Sunforger Army Duck Canvas, Marine Grade, and Grade A Flawless. We only use steel frames, which are better than aluminum because they are heavier duty and will not bend with high winds. We have seams every 36″ for added strength,

 New Bell Tent

Maroon Bell Tent002 - Rent a Tent and Go Glamping Near San Francisco

Designed for luxury and comfort with high standards, our bell tent is the only one manufactured in the USA and made with 3′ walls. The Maroon Bell Tent has been field tested under diverse conditions and has outperformed our expectations. For those looking for a spacious tent that is easy to erect but gives you a lot of room to stretch out, this is your tent.
Features: 70 lbs. for tent and frame, easy setup for one, excellent ventilation, “homey,” excellent in wind, snow, and rain due to conical shape, beautiful roomy interior, unique, only one made in USA, only one with 36” walls, only one from 10.10 Army Duck Canvas, Sunforger.
Think no more – dare to go camping and rent a tent.
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