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Tips for hiking

The practice of hiking is a healthy sport that allows us to exercise and enjoy the landscape, but we must take into account some tips and recommendations.

Tips for enjoying your hiking adventure

1) Plan the route:

It is essential to know the course and what topography it has, also if it is circular or not. A speed of 2 miles per hour is usually taken as a reference.  The pace of walking also depends on the people who will be going, if they are children or people with a low physical condition, you should go slower.

2) Weather conditions:

The weather conditions must be taken into account. If it is winter, it is essential to know the amount of snow and rain during the journey, and if it is during the summer season, consider temperatures and sun hours during the trip.

3) Inform about the route:

Always tell a trusted person the direction that you are going to follow, the time of departure and the approximate time of arrival. In case of an accident or unforeseen event, the person will know where to look.bigstock Hiking In Khumbu Walley In Him 45978643 e1402082744119 300x300 - Recommendations for Hiking

4) Hydrate:

Especially in the warmer season, proper hydration is critical. For that reason, carry enough water and moisturizing liquids, if the journey is very long, it is essential to bring some energy food.

5) Respect nature:

Do not shout, or make a lot of noise; this will scare wild animals. If you produce garbage, you must store it, and then deposit them in a container.

5) What to carry in the backpack:

Pack water, multipurpose blade, energy bars, a mobile, whistle,  food (if the journey is long), flashlight, and sunblock.

6) Clothing:denver tent 20 300x300 - Recommendations for Hiking

The clothing must be appropriate, light fabric shirt and long sleeves, hat or cap, sunglasses, special hiking shoes, hiking socks.

Hiking and Camping

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