Real Cowboys Prefer the Colorado Range Tent

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Living the cowboy dream

Who hasn’t dreamed of being a cowboy? I know I have, and so have my brothers. The lifestyle of the cowboy is filled with outlaws, romance, danger, the occasional shoot out at the OK Corral, solitude and of course a love of this great land. There is also whiskey and tobacco spitting. Okay, some of those things are probably an invention, or at least an exaggeration, of the silver screen, not that it wasn’t once true, but today’s cowboy is most likely not heading out to a duel in the middle of the dirt road at high noon.

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The working cowboy

Cowboys still work and maintain the land to this day. But it is more than cowboy hats, cooking a stew over an open fire and riding off into the sunset. It is hard labor, long hours and often quite dangerous. As beautiful as the American West is, the terrain is rough and unpredictable and so is the weather. Days are spent in the middle of this magnificent landscape, with no signs of urbanization or towns on the horizon, just miles and miles of wild terrain, mountains and desert. I imagine this brings about a great sense of peace and solitude. Not to mention grueling physical labor. Being far from civilization, you need to have the best working equipment with you, to make sure that you can be protected from wildlife and weather, while tending to the land.

The Cowboy Tipi

custom tents - Real Cowboys Prefer the Colorado Range Tent

The Colorado Range Tent or “Cowboy Tipi”
Photo credit: Blue Sky Sage

The Colorado Range Tent (Cowboy Tipi) has been in our catalog since 1916! Its proven design is the continued choice of the working ranch cowboy. It is easy to set up and pack away, making it perfect for the cowboy who is constantly moving to tend to the land. This tent is excellent shelter in bad weather, making it the perfect choice for today’s working cowboy.  It can be pitched from a tree branch with the external pole set up.
We at Denver Tent Company recommend getting the poles, just in case you don’t have a perfectly hanging branch to hang your tent. You never know what the Wild West will bring, be it rough terrain or bad weather. With our wide range of sportsmen tents, you are sure to find the perfect tent to fit your working environment. And, we can make a number of custom made features to bump up the style and the comfort of your Colorado Range Tent. Just call us to see how we can improve your cowboy lifestyle.
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