Protection Against Mosquitoes in the Campsite

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Tips to protect you from insects on a camping trip

Insects and mosquitoes can give us a hard time on our camping trip, so it is essential to take some measures, to be comfortable and happy at the campground.

The first thing we must do is to choose a high-quality tent. Denver Tent Company has the best outdoor products in the USA.

Ideas to keep mosquitoes away from the campgroundmaroon bell tent e1516669640447 300x300 - Protection Against Mosquitoes in the Campsite

  • If the place where we camp allows bonfires, we can make one with branches that are still a little green, and this moves the mosquitoes away.
  • The best method is to carry a repellent against mosquitoes, which generally works with other insects. There are different aromas, and types of action, there are also special ones for children (which do not irritate the skin and eyes), there are biodegradable, in short, there are several alternatives, and they are very useful.
  • A more natural remedy is the citronella candles. They are very effective, but if they are in closed places, care must be taken. Be attentive at all times if you put them in the tent because it can cause a fire.
  • To avoid attracting insects, you must avoid leaving garbage, keep the kitchen utensils washed, keep food in jars or airtight bags.
  • There is an emergency method in case you do not carry any repellent; it is to dilute some toothpaste in water and apply to unprotected areas of the body, we can also wear long pants, long-sleeved shirt, hat, or cap.
  • In addition to these tips, it is important to keep the tent closed, the idea is that it has a double door, one of the materials that the tent is built from, and another that has a screen to prevent the entrance of mosquitoes. The advantage of the screen door is that it can be kept closed and the other open, so that proper internal ventilation is maintained.Maroon Bell Tent008 300x300 - Protection Against Mosquitoes in the Campsite

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