Protecting Your Pool During the Winter

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At Denver Tent, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality fabric items for industry, business, residential and recreational uses. We offer exceptional products, customer service, and purchase advice that guide you to the best buying option for you.
The Colorado Wall Tent 01 1024x1024 - Protecting Your Pool During the WinterOne of the custom products we manufacture is canvas pool covers. We work together with highly skilled sewers who each average 25 years plus of sewing experience and we employ the best quality products out there.

Lets talks about how to protect your pool during winter

Most people don’t use their pool during the winter, for obvious reasons. And while the pool is not being used, it should always be covered to protect it from external elements. Without the cover, you’d be continually vacuuming and skimming, and truth be told, nobody wants to be doing that when it’s freezing outside.
Quality safety pool covers to fit any in-ground pool, regardless of shape or size, and preferred by municipalities, waterparks, hotels, country clubs and resorts all over the world. Keep your pool area attractive while reducing accidental entry and liability issues, security costs and winter’s debris.

Add some extra water to the top of the cover

Adding about 1 – 3”  water to the top of the cover. That will help you protect it from wind damage. Also, keep an eye on the water level, so it doesn’t get too high. If it does, use a cover pump to discharge the excess.

bigstock Woman in hat relaxing at the p 14782916 1024x1024 - Protecting Your Pool During the WinterThe advantage of air pillows

Air pillows function as ice compensators. During winter, when your pool water freezes and the ice expands, the air pad under the canvas cover will absorb the expansion and prevent the pool walls from damaging.
Set up an appointment with one of our representatives and let us help you get the best pool cover for you. Don’t let the winter ruin your pool and have it ready and functioning for summer time.

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