Camping Precaution: Protect Your Baby From Insects

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Protect your baby from insects while camping

How annoying are insects!  The worst thing is that they can even be dangerous because they transmit several diseases. So, if you go camping with your baby, you should take extra care to protect them from insects. We all know that using repellents is the easiest way, but not the safest way. There are special repellents for babies to protect their soft skin.

Repellent Recommendationschildren 897431 300x300 - Camping Precaution: Protect Your Baby From Insects

From all the natural repellents used during a camping trip, citronella is the best. This is an effective oil. The only problem is that the protection time is less than three hours. Therefore, you have to replace it more often, but it is safe to use because it does not produce allergic reactions. However, it is not recommended for a newborn.

Other natural oils used to protect babies from insects are soybean, cedar, and eucalyptus. You may even protect your baby by using mosquito nets.

Most common repellents and their applicationDollarphotoclub 54434171 e1408997018333 300x300 - Camping Precaution: Protect Your Baby From Insects

DEET is a popular repellent which has the most common ingredients used to kill insects. You can buy these repellents in sprays, lotions, or creams. Nonetheless, you must take precautions when you apply this repellent to your children. Even though it is known as the best repellent against stinging insects, it is not recommended for children under three months, and it should not contain more than 30% DEET.

How to apply it?

It could be applied to the skin or clothes. It protects your body against insects for about five hours, depending on how much DEET the repellent has.

There are several alternatives to repellents in the stores. Most of them are useful. However, you should choose the repellent that best works with the types of insects living in the camping area you are heading to.

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