Proper Etiquette with Dogs

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Camping with Dogs Needs Planning!

Traveling with your dog can be a very pleasant experience, but it is not uncommon to find difficulties when doing it; shops where you can not enter, hotels that do not allow dogs, problems with transportation, and other discomforts. summer  2 300x300 - Proper Etiquette with Dogs

Traveling with your dog does not have to imply a big increase in the cost of the trip if the holidays are well planned and a suitable destination and accommodations are chosen. This is already possible thanks to rural houses or campsites that allow you to stay with your dog, also offering very useful services for them.

To ensure that the animal is in top condition to undertake the trip, it is recommended a visit to the veterinarian and the hairdresser. The veterinarian can also give recommendations on vaccines, medication or specific prevention for your destination. It is also a good opportunity to put in the animal identification microchip.

With regard to luggage, remember to carry everything necessary for the hygiene of the pet (towel, shampoo, brush and deworming spray), and also for the ride (collar, leash, and muzzle if necessary ). Also, don’t forget everything that the dog or cat uses for food and water, their favorite toys and a blanket. All this will help make the change much more bearable.Family Outdoors 300x300 - Proper Etiquette with Dogs

Understand Your Dog: Don’t Bother Your Neighbors

Understanding the behavior of our dogs is essential to establish an effective and satisfactory relationship with them. Although dogs do not speak, knowing their body language, gestures, and attitudes, can help us communicate with them, and react accordingly. Dogs, like humans, go through different moods depending on the time and situation. The sadness, the joy, the fear or the restlessness, are some of the sensations that we share with our pets. Learn to understand your pet so they behave according to the rules of the place!

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