The Colorado Cheyenne Tipi

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Patterned on authentic Indian designs, we proudly offer The Colorado Cheyenne/Sioux Tipi. The Cheyenne and Sioux tribes lived in close proximity in Colorado and parts of the West and had much in common, including their tipi designs. Our pattern incorporates the best of both tipi styles. Historically accurate, our tipis are still used today by the Utes, Navajos and Kiowas as ceremonial tipis. The Cheyenne/Sioux is our most popular tipi. Our pattern incorporates the best of both tipi styles.


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Cheyenne/Sioux Tipi Fabric: 10.10 Flame Retardant Army Duck Canvas, Sunforger, Marine Grade, Boat Shrunk, Grade A – Flawless, Mold and Mildew Treated

Includes: Door Flap, Smoke Flap Guy Ropes, Lacing Pins, Stake and Tipi Storage Bags and Canvas Tipi Bag

Product Specifications:
Finished Bottom Door Flap, Metal Stakes and Stake Bag, Smoke Flap Guy Ropes, Lacing Pins, Tipi Storage Bag, 10.10 Fire Resistant Marine Grade, Sunforger, Grade A Army Duck Canvas. Lodge Pole Pine Pole Sets and Liners available (NOT INCLUDED: Call for availability).

Included Items:
10.10 oz Army Duck Canvas Flame Retardant
Inverted U Door Flap
Smoke Flap Guy Ropes
Lacing Pins
Steel Stakes and all storage bags

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Size 18', 20', 22'