How to Preserve Food in a Cooler

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Tips for keeping food fresh in a cooler when camping

When we go camping in the summer, one of the most essential items is a cooler for preserving perishable food and cold drinks. We must accommodate it in such a way that it maintains a consistent temperature.

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  • If we combine food and drinks, it is a good idea to put the ice in the bottom and place the food that needs colder temperatures for its conservation on the bottom. For example, raw meat if we like to barbecue. The objective of this type of cooler is to maintain the temperature, not to cool the food.
  • It is a good idea to cool the cooler before putting in the food and drinks. We can do this by keeping it in a cool place or putting in water and ice before camping.
  • When we arrive at the campsite, whether it is at the beach or the mountain, we must look for shade to put the cooler, and that it is not exposed to the rays and heat of the sun. We can also build a shaded area to protect the cooler with a blanket or the awning.
  • If we open and close the cooler constantly, it is tough to maintain the temperature. What we must do is to place everything in the order that we assume we are going to use it, so that access is quick.
  • It is a good idea to bring two coolers, one for food and one for drinks, thus optimizing the use of each one.
  • When we are going to take something out of the cooler, ask our friends or family members if they want something, in this way we also avoid opening the cooler several times.

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