Be Prepared to Camp in the Winter #1

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How To Warm Your Tent in Cold Weather?

Camping in cold weather might sound like a crazy idea, but it can be a very satisfying experience, although you should be prepared to avoid miserable moments. The first thing to do is start a fire, and have hot drinks and food available to help you keep warm. Bringing the right equipment and assembling the tent in the right way, can help you stay warm at night. Waking up in a heated tent can help you start the day in a good mood.

Choose a camping spot away from the wind or build a fence around the tent. Hang a tarp between nearby trees to block the wind or set the tent under a secure cover. Place another tarp on the floor before assembling the shelter to add another layer of insulation.

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  • Even if you are not expecting rain, add the rain guard. The rain guard adds another layer of insulation directly on the tent without sealing its ventilation. Be careful not to seal the tent entirely because it can cause condensation inside, dampening your clothing and equipment.
  • For more insulation between the floor and your body, place a foam rubber mattress under the sleeping bags. Most of the body heat lost during sleep is through contact with the ground. Foam mattresses are better insulators than inflatable mattresses, although they are more comfortable.
  • Exercise between 10 to 15 minutes before entering the tent at night. That will make your body produce heat, which helps heat the tent, and keep you warm while you get into the sleeping bag.
  • While you sleep, don´t forget to wear socks and a hat while you are inside the tent. Place your clothes inside the sleeping bag with you, so they are warm in the morning.

Safe accessories to keep the tent warm! At Denver Tent

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Cylinder Camp Stove

The Colorado Cylinder Stove

Also made in the USA, our Colorado Cylinder Stove is the finest camp stove in the industry. Enjoy a chilly night while staying warm in your tent with your camp stove keeping you comfortable.

stove mat 300x300 - Be Prepared to Camp in the Winter #1Fiberglass Stove Mat

Help keep your floor clean and safe from stray sparks and embers. Our stove mat is the perfect accessory for your new stove to protect your floor.


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