How to Prepare Coffee while Camping?

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Good coffee to start the day!

A drink that needs to be enjoyed is a good cup of coffee to start the day or when you are on the move. There are many ways to prepare coffee at the campsite. How to make coffee that tastes good and the strength is right? Many factors can affect the taste, so it is essential to determine which method is appropriate. The important thing is that you can prepare the coffee that suits you, based on taste, strength, and comfort.breakfast 1041030 300x300 - How to Prepare Coffee while Camping?

Different Methods To Make Coffee at a campground

Cowboy coffee

Before the portable coffee machine, the Cowboys prepared cowboy coffee. For many people, the final product does not taste good, but at least it is better than nothing.

To make cowboy coffee, all you need is a pot or pan, some coffee beans, and a sock.

First, boil the water in the pot and add the coffee inside the sock. Let the coffee mix with the water for a few minutes, remove the sock and wait for the coffee to settle.

Straining coffee

Straining coffee with a drip filter is done by passing hot water through ground coffee in a filter. The coffee “drips” through the filter into a cup, grounds staying in the filter. You can use permanent or disposable filters.

French Press coffeefondue 947056 300x300 - How to Prepare Coffee while Camping?

This is one of the most popular ways to make coffee for camping.

Boil water in a pot or teapot. Put two tablespoons of coffee inside the French press and pour in hot water. Add more coffee if you want it to be stronger. Put the lid on and let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes depending also on how strong you want the coffee.

Press the plunger slowly until it can not be pushed any further. Pour the contents into a cup and enjoy.

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