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What to Carry in a Backpack for Mountain Biking

Mountain biking, unlike road cycling, is practiced in the mountains or inaccessible places, so it is necessary to carry a backpack with items to repair the bicycle as well as food and liquids.backpack 774720 300x300 - Prepare a Backpack for Mountain Biking

Objects that we should carry in the backpack

  1.  Mobile phone:  it is important not only for an emergency, but to take pictures, and using the GPS, and others.
  2.  Food and liquids: in the summer season, our body will dehydrate more than normal, and it is essential to bring hydrating liquid and water in bottles for cycling or camelback, as well as energy bars.bigstock cascades in the Smoky Mountain 46986211 e1402082775649 300x300 - Prepare a Backpack for Mountain Biking
  3. Anti-puncture kit: this is a liquid pumped into the tire when there is a puncture. Make sure to include a pump to inflate tires.
  4. Connection link: at some point, the chain of our bike might break, either by poor maintenance or by much use, for this, we need a connection link to repair it.
  5. Multi-tools: these have a series of components that help us make repairs to many of the parts of the bicycle, such as loosening and adjusting nuts, dismantling the rim, adjusting brakes, etc.
  6. First aid kit: this is very important to carry in our backpack because if we suffer an accident it is essential to have a first aid kit, it must contain at least: gauze, bandages, compresses, disinfectant wipes and bandages. Mountain biking is a sport practiced in remote places, and you need to be prepared.

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