Places in the USA to go Mountain Biking

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Practice mountain biking and enjoy the outdoors!

The United States has a large number of points for the practice of road cycling and mountain biking, places that can be used in the summer season.

If you do not have your bicycle, or for reasons of transportation, you can not take it, many places will rent bikes so that you can enjoy the summer season; you can rent the bicycle by the hour or the whole day. You can also buy or rent a tent to set up at any of the beautiful places and sleep there.

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Places to cycle

1) Illinois

Great River Road biking trail, Sam Vadalabene, this place is in Alton, Illinois, and is only 40 minutes by car from St. Louis, Missouri. The tour is 22 miles and offers excellent panoramic views; the route is winding, along the banks of the Mississippi River and the Illinois River, the journey is in the Pere Marquette State Park.

2) Oregon

It has a program of panoramic routes for cycling; this is a program that guides the cyclists to the best cycling routes in the state. You can visit the Deschutes River trail and the 400 Gorge located on the Hood River, which is a very steep and challenging trail for those who want a challenging route.

3) Mainedenver tent 25 300x300 - Places in the USA to go Mountain Biking

Carriage Roads offers all-terrain courses and trails with natural beauty. In Maine and its 15 state parks, there are a lot of options for cycling and mountain biking. The Rail Trail are routes that are made in several days by old rail lines that were transformed into recreational paths.

4) Ohio

Here we find the Little Miami Panoramic Trail and the Buckeye Trail. Spectacular places for the practice of cycling.

5) California

Cycling fans cannot miss the guided tour to the spectacular California coastal area, or a trip to Napa Valley.

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