Places to Camp in the Fall

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Don’t Miss the Colors of Autumn!

In the autumn season, you can see bright colors that nature offers us. In the United States, several places are famous for providing this unique spectacle.

The forests are dyed red, yellow and brown, and this is the cheapest time to travel, this show is observed during September, October, and November. A season of stunted growth followed by a dry fall with sunny days and cool temperatures results in a palette of brighter colors during the fall. During the autumn season, the leaves change the hue of their colors by factors such as sunlight, temperature, and rainfall.Fall leaves 300x300 - Places to Camp in the Fall

1) California: Inyo National Forest and Yosemite National Park, these places are special to see deep red in the treetops. When hiking the trails, you have to be careful with poison ivy.

2) Colorado: One of the most famous and most frequently places are the Rocky Mountains. Since the end of September, observe the shades of the flora in the White River National Forest change. Another place to visit is the Maroon Bells, dressed in yellow and gold.

3) Arizona: The state of Arizona is famous for its vast expanses of desert. But the Colorado National Forest is an excellent window to see the colors of autumn in its forests of Alamos.wall tent product decoration 300x300 - Places to Camp in the Fall

In the United States, there are many places that can be visited to see autumn colors. It is an excellent time to travel because it is very cheap.

There are places to camp and be in contact with nature with guided tours through the trails of the sites.

There are many possibilities to observe this magnificent spectacle of nature.

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