Pikes Peak Range Riders: Denver Tent Customer For Over 20 Years

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At Denver Tent Company we really care about our customers and we encourage all of them to share stories and how the keep their tents in action. Today we would like to share with all of you this interview with Richard Janitell and his company Pikes Peak Range Riders, with 66 years in business.

Who are the Pikes Peak Range Riders?

We are a group of business men from Colorado Springs and all across the country.  We do an annual horse ride around Pikes Peak to publicize The Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo.  It is one of the top 10 Rodeos in the United States.  All proceeds go to support our local military charities.

Rodeo or Bust

Pikes Peak RidersWe are made up of people in all walks of life.  From politicians , doctors, bankers to plumbers, brick layers, etc.  We all wear hats, blue jeans, cowboy shirts and boots.  During the ride everybody is equal and you can’t tell what anyone’s does for an occupation.

The story of an unexpected surprise…

One day in camp after a hard day’s ride, we were enjoying a hard earned cocktail.  All of a sudden over a hill came a fleet of military helicopters and landed near our camp.  Little did we know that one of our guests -who we knew as Chappy- was none other than Chappy James, a four star general.  There was a crisis and they needed him right away.

Pikes Peak Range Riders tents

tents are used for everything

We have 200 people that go on this ride.  We are a self contained city and do all of this up in the mountains with no water or electricity.  We use your tents for everything.  We use 24 of the big tents to house costs of sleeping. We also use tents to eat under, as a dining hall, and to house a cooking facility.

They are extremely easy to move and store.  They are very strong and withstand all of the elements. They also are easy to erect and take down.

Denver Tent happy clients

The Pikes Peak Range Riders have been a Denver Tent customer for over 20 years.  They started using our tents once their local tent supplier closed. And have stayed with us ever since. Using our tents for all sorts of club events like:

  • Funeral receptions
  • Fund raisers
  • Charity events
  • Sporting events
  • And several others events
Range Riders Denver Tent clients

All images are courtesy of Pikes Peak Range Riders, used with permission.

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