Physical Means to Avoid Mosquitoes while Camping

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Avoid mosquitos in the campsite!

The physical means are those that try to avoid having mosquitos visit, among them the most effective are those that put a real barrier between them and us.

1. Hygiene

Shower at night before sleeping, to reduce body temperature and neutralize body odor. Pay particular attention to the feet. It would be the equivalent of military camouflage uniform; we already know that mosquitoes are attracted by the smell of our sweat, so we must minimize it.

2. Plants with antimicrobial properties

Many plants have natural protection against mosquitoes. Some of them are sage, eucalyptus, thyme, cinnamon, citronella, lemon balm, catmint, basil, garlic, rosemary. It would be ideal for campsites to grow these type of plants, but it is not common.  Some are easy to grow at home, and we can take them to the campsite in small pots. It is not a means of high efficiency, but everything adds up.

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Another fundamental physical means to avoid the presence of mosquitoes is to prevent their entry. Well used, they are the most effective remedy for interiors. Caravans and motorhomes usually have mosquito nets integrated into windows and skylights. The problem is more significant in tents and tent cars, in which the entrance often remains open, inviting the mosquitoes to pass freely. Using a curtain or mosquito net in these cases is a good idea.

4. Candles and burners

The function of candles and burners is double, on the one hand, they release a repellent fragrance to scare off mosquitoes; usually contain citronella, eucalyptus, mint, etc. On the other hand, they release a lot of smoke, which deters mosquitoes from their intention to approach. It is an excellent option while you are having dinner for example, but better forget about this method to sleep. You must also take into account your neighbors, and make sure that the smoke does not enter the bedrooms.

5. Fire

It is not a plan to build a bonfire in the middle of the campsite, but there are citronella torches that can be an adequate remedy at certain times.

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Unknown 300x300 - Physical Means to Avoid Mosquitoes while Camping

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