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Pass on the memories

The Denver Tent Company is one of the oldest companies in Colorado. And you don’t get to be in business for this long without making a quality product. The outdoors is not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle and we need our equipment to work with us, not against us. We use the best fabrics and work with incredibly skilled sewers and constructionist to make sure each product is not just up to our customers standards, but to our own as well.
We build our tents to last and because of that, our tents are passed down to future generations. A hand-me-down tent is like the quilt you got from your grandma, full of memories, and will still keep you just as warm and safe as ever.
hearder 2 - Pass On Your Camping Memories with Denver Tent Company

Something for everyone

If you love camping with the family, or roughing it in the great outdoors and you don’t have a Denver tent, then it is time to get one. It is an investment! Because a quality tent like the ones we build, is something that you will be able to have in your family for a very long time. The love of camping and the great outdoors is something that you want your children to take with them and hopefully pass on to their own family. So why not get a good, durable, long lasting tent that will keep your family warm and safe while you are out exploring and adventuring?
After a long day of fishing, hiking, hunting, playing and swimming you want the space and comfort of one of our tents to come home to. Be it our flagship Colorado Wall Tent, that’s big enough to fit a camp stove as well as your whole family. Or you can get a simpler version of the wall tent, our Colorado Herders Tent, that is still big enough to be comfortable for the whole family, but a much simpler set up and easier to pack up and travel with. Our Colorado Cheyenne/Sioux Tipi is still popular and we are staying historically true to the original design. This is great for high wind areas, and is still used today as ceremonial tipis. We have many Sporstmen Tents, so whatever type of camper you are, we have something that will be right for your needs.

Wall Tent 2011 050 1 - Pass On Your Camping Memories with Denver Tent Company

Homey Colorado Wall Tent

For any occasion

Our tents can go anywhere you want to go, and will stand up to all the elements. The reason we are so successful is ultimately because of you, the customer. We have worked closely with the people who buy our products, be it sports tents, custom made fabrics or event tents, we are constantly making improvements, so that we can uphold our reputation for quality workmanship since 1890. Call us today and let us know how we can make your camping experience even greater than before. Or buy one of our many tried and true products that we already have in stock.

1943 Cover Back of Brochure - Pass On Your Camping Memories with Denver Tent Company

1943 Brochure

We look forward to hearing from you.
Until then, happy trails!

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