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Want a Challenging Adventure? Go Hiking or Biking

Just gather some summer or road trip songs and hit the road for the best adventure of your life.
There’s no need to leave the country to get your thrills. You don’t even need to leave the state. You will find excitement and many extreme outdoor adventures in Colorado. Hiking and biking are thrilling and healthy options. Remember some of the advantages of exercising outdoors: lowers the risk of many types of cancer, lowers the risk of high blood pressure and stroke, improves cardio-respiratory and muscular fitness, and assists in weight control.

Recommended Places

The natural beauty of Colorado Springs has called the attention of thousands of people since the first explorers arrived. Hikers rejoice in the many, many trails throughout and around the city all year round.

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Hike a 14er in Colorado

As the name hints, it’s a mountain at least 14,000 feet tall, and there are more than 40 to choose from in Colorado, from the 14,007-foot Sunshine Peak in the San Juan Mountains to the 14,440-foot Mount Elbert, the highest summit in the Rocky Mountains. One of the most popular in the state is Pikes Peak, near Colorado Springs, at a lofty 14,115 feet tall. Many trails ascend to the top, including the most popular, the 13-mile Barr Trail.

Red Rock Canyon

It has many trails for visitors to love. The hiking can be pretty easy or more difficult, and the sights are spectacular.
Hikers can walk up and over the rocks and look down across the land for spectacular views of Garden of the Gods.
Pets on a leash are welcome here, making it an ideal place for exercising with a furry friend. Bikers also appreciate the miles of challenging trails at Red Rock. Longer, more difficult trails are also available towards the back of the open space if hikers are looking for something more demanding.

Cheyenne Mountain State Park

This natural area is home to roughly 20 miles of trails and campsites. As hikers make their way up to Cheyenne Mountain, the trails get harder and the scenery gets lovelier.
Cheyenne Mountain is one of the best places in town to bring the family; everyone will delight in the chance to go on a wildlife hike.

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