Outdoor Adventure in a Rented Tent

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Looking For the Perfect Adventure?

Your summer can start here! Rent a tent and create your perfect trip. Alone, with family, or in a group, you can engage in a variety of activities to explore the outdoors like never before. Travel through mountains and oceans, across rivers, and up hills. Remember: It is a fact that we benefit from being in the sunshine. Being able to see nature refreshes us, calms us, and reduces stress. When we are so busy, spending time outside can seem like a luxury. However, renting a tent to spend time in green areas is affordable to most families and excellent to the overall health and well-being of children as well as adults.

Tent Rentals

When you rent a camping tent, you don’t want just any tent. You want the best shelter to be comfortable and safe. Denver Tent Company introduces a new service. We are renting our camping, glamping, and hunting tents due to high demand for canvas tent rental from our customers. No matter what adventure you’re planning for, we have the perfect camping tent for you. Our tents offer protection from the hot summer sun and possible storms year-round. All our rental tents are the highest quality non-flame retardant and flame retardant Army Duck Canvas, Sunforgers, with deluxe features such as screened windows, floors, stove jacks, and three-way zippered screen and canvas door. Internal frame or external pole sets are included in the rental.
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Seven-day rentals are available of our highly sought-after Colorado Wall Tent (Deluxe), Mountain Wall Tent, Colorado Range Tent, and Maroon Bell Tent.


Based on a seven-day rental, if shipped out of Colorado, rental starts when the rental has been received by the customer and ends when the rental has been shipped from the customer’s location.
Ask for our services and be sure you can count on a great experience!
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