Organizing Suitcases and tents in the Car

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How to organize suitcases and tents in the car to go camping?

When we go camping, the trunk of our car fills up fast. We must carry the tent and all the equipment, so we need to organize everything to fit well inside the car.

Tips to organize luggage in the carcars and trucks  7 300x300 - Organizing Suitcases and tents in the Car

1. Pack your bags well.

The first tip you need to know is the importance of packing your bags well before focusing on filling the trunk.  That means thinking calmly about what is essential and unnecessary, making a list and organizing the things you keep in each container. 

2.  Place the heaviest items below.

The heavier packages should be the first to enter the trunk and occupy the bottom part of the trunk. 

3.  Put the huge things in the back.

Especially if it’s not something you’re going to be using all the time, you’ll avoid having to take out that considerable suitcase every time you want to reach something smaller and more commonly used.

4.  Leave impossible shapes and flexible things for the end.

Things such as tents, dishes, chairs, camping tables or the baby cart go better in the gaps left free at the end.

5.  Distribute the weight.

You do not want one side of the car to be heavier than the other, so make sure the weight is well distributed and balanced.

Maroon Bell Tent015 300x300 - Organizing Suitcases and tents in the Car

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