One-Day Kayak Trips on the Colorado River

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Kayak excursions on the Colorado River

There is nothing better than taking a kayak excursion to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  An excellent place to go on a field trip is the Colorado Canyon, where the sport is combined with opportunities to see beautiful landscapes.

On this day trip, you will travel the Colorado River by kayak, through calm waters, with spectacular stops where you can observe caves, hot springs, beaches, and canyons.

This excursion is done with an expert guide, who, in case you don´t know about kayaking, will explain it. He will also detail all the fauna, historical places, hidden coves, and curious details of the areas that you pass.

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These excursion packages generally include transfer, lunch, and instruction. The only thing to take is a camera for pictures of the places visited, appropriate clothing, a hat or cap to protect yourself from the sun, and sunglasses.

One of the options with these excursions is that they pick you up at the hotel where you are staying. The guide who will accompany you on the journey is knowledgeable and provides the necessary equipment for the trip.

In the river, there is a security zone, so it is necessary to carry official photo identification to pass the control.

Once in the river, the guide will give the instructions for the trip. You will spend about 5 hours paddling if the weather conditions allow it at this time of summer. If not, the time will be extended.

The kayaks are very stable and have a steering wheel, and they are also equipped with a life jacket so that the activity is very safe.

The trip starts very close to the Hoover Dam, where there is an incredible place to take pictures. It continues downstream to Sauna Cave, where there are a series of elementary trails that lead to hot springs, where you can take a bath.

Then you continue down the river and arrive at Emerald Cave. Before this, you disembark in an area of ​​calm waters with a beach and have a picnic lunch.

The last part of the tour will reach Willow Beach.denver tent 12 300x300 - One-Day Kayak Trips on the Colorado River

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