Now Here's Something I'll Never Do In My Lifetime

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There’s camping by the cliffside, and then theres camping on the cliffside

You can mark this blog down as “things I will never do in my lifetime but am amazed that others have even tried, let alone succeeded”! It’s about extreme camping. I mean EXTREEEEEME camping. Not just “look how high we are on a mountain” or “I can’t believe we didn’t freeze to death last night”, but “Hey, let’s set up camp half way up the side of a mountain about 3000 feet off the ground” extreme camping! Yup, there are people who do that, and one of them is from our very own state of Colorado.

Extreme campers

Tommy Caldwell, from Este Park, Colorado has been a professional climber for many many years. The more extreme the better, and lately he and his climbing crew has been taking it a step further by setting up camp half way up the mountain, hanging from a cliff and sleeping amidst freezing temperatures and potentially falling rocks. To a casual hiker/camper, this would be a last resort and typically not the intention. But for Tommy and his buddies (including his wife Becca) hanging off the side of a cliff was the destination and the plan all along. Check out this awe inspiring <a “no follow” href=””>series of photos taken by a brave photographer who went along on one of Tommy’s climbs to document this extreme twist in mountain climbing and camping.

El Cap Yosemity National Park - Now Here&#039;s Something I&#039;ll Never Do In My Lifetime

El Cap, Yosemity National Park

El Capitan, Yosemite National Park

The vertical rock, El Cap, is one of the world most famous cliffs for rock climbers and base jumpers. It is an impressive 3,000 feet (900 meters) high and the world’s largest granite monolith. But even if you are not the extreme sports type, you’ll love the hike through Yosemites National Park.
Colorado Tent logo - Now Here&#039;s Something I&#039;ll Never Do In My Lifetime

Trust your camping equipment

Some people like to relax when they are on vacation, others want to be challenged, and some – apparently – want to face their own mortality while catching a little shuteye or heating a can of noodles while hanging off the side of a cliff. To each their own. However you like to spend time outdoors, having the right equipment is crucial, even if you are just pitching a tent at a luxury camp group and spending time relaxing around the campfire. After all, you didn’t take time out of your busy schedule to spend the whole time fighting a flimsy tent. Denver Tent Company has years of tent construction experience and our wall tents, range tents and other sportsmen tents have been time tested by professional outdoorsmen who know what they are talking about, from extreme sportsmen to casual campers, our tents have exceeded expectation and is well worth your investment.

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