No Outdoor Adventure is Complete Without a Sunset Photo

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The perfect base camp to go with the perfect sunset

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, something as simple and ordinary like a sunrise or a sunset can stop you in your tracks and leave you breathless, almost frozen in time for that minute or two where the sky fills with amazing colors and the day is either about to begin or is nearing its end. It is perhaps these extremes that gives us pause, and makes us stop for a minute and take in the moment in silent reflection. The moment lasts only a few minutes, but with these few tips, you can capture that moment forever with an amazing photo. No vacation photo album is complete without at least a couple sunrises and sunsets. Denver Tent Company has all the tents and accessories you need to set up camp to keep you safe, warm and comfortable after the sun settles and the cool night air sets in.

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Taking the perfect sunrise/sunset photo

Finding a place near the water to take in the sunrise or sunset is always popular. The colors and the sun reflecting in the water will add brightness and intensity to your photo. Another thing to remember is that as great as it in to have the sun in your sunset photo, quite often the brightest and most spectacular colors come right after the sun has set and the sky has had 15 minutes to settle. Often you’ll see the people clear out right after the sun disappears, often missing out on the greatest, and most vibrant moment of the sunset. Next, try to have something in the foreground that will be silhouetted against the sky. This will give your photo some perspective and add to the dynamics of the shot.

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Quality Base Camp Tents from Denver Tent Company

We provide sportsmen tents to everyone who love to be outdoors, from the extreme survivalist who need a safe reliable basecamp, to the family in Brooklyn who needed a little shelter from their backyard mosquitoes. Wherever you are, whatever the reason, if you love being outdoors, Denver Tent Company has a tent to fit your needs. Our tents are easy to pack and easy to pitch, so you’ll have plenty of time to figure out exactly where to take that perfect sunrise or sunset photo. See you at the Denver Tent Company!

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