National Parks to Visit in the Autumn

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Best season to Camp in the National Parks

Autumn is an excellent time to go hiking, observe flora and fauna, and enjoy the outdoors. 

Activity in the national parks decreases in the fall since classes begin in schools and colleges, and the temperatures are lower. But it´s a great occasion to go camping because there are few people and nature is at its most.

Autumn landscapes become more and more colorful as temperatures become more pleasant.

In the United States, there are many places where you can enjoy the beautiful colors of autumn.

National Parks Where you can Enjoy Autumn’s Beauty

1) Grand Canyon National Park, Arizonagrand canyon 1035611 300x300 - National Parks to Visit in the Autumn

There are two cities through which you can enter this park, through Phoenix 225 miles and Las Vegas 272 miles.

From September to the end of November along the Colorado River, temperatures are moderate, and it is a perfect time for hiking, in the autumn season. At this time, you can explore the depths of the Grand Canyon National Park. You can visit the northern edge of the Kaibab Plateau, where you can see aspens with its golden leaves.

2) Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Access to this park is through the city of Denver, 70 miles. From September to mid-October, you can hear the call of the male wapiti; they weigh 315 kilos. These magnificent animals make their mating call and exhibit their massive antlers. You can also see the trembling poplars with their golden yellowish colors.

3) Great Basin National Park, Nevada

The city of entry is through Las Vegas, 300 miles. For three days at the end of September, the Astronomy Festival is celebrated in this park. During these days, you can observe the stars in a transparent night sky, in the Snake Mountains. There are talks about astronomy, telescope observations, and many more activities related to the subject. During the day, you can see the beautiful colors that flora offers in this season.lodge tent 44 300x200 - National Parks to Visit in the Autumn

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