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Exercise and enjoy the outdoors with a Mountain Bike

Clothing for mountain biking is unique since you will need special clothes that give proper protection.

An investment in suitable clothes for mountain biking gives comfort, safety and helps achieve optimal performance, protecting from climatic rigors.

Mountain biking is generally practiced on trails and mountain roads, and bicycles specially designed for this sport are used.

The clothes used for a cross country is very similar to the one used in road cycling, only more resistant for falls and snags. Another modality of mountain biking is downhill, that consists of going down paths with obstacles and jumps at high speeds. The clothes for this is similar to the one used in BMX, with protectors for knees, elbows, and hands, because falls are frequent.outdoors siluetae 300x300 - Mountain Bike Clothing

The mountain bike shirt for summertime is light, short sleeved, with a bag in the back for food, spare parts or snacks. They are usually made of fabric that brings perspiration to the outside, thus keeping the cyclist dry and comfortable.

Pants or shorts are short and tight pants, made of elastic and breathable fabrics, to sweat outward, they have a pad in the contact area with a seat for protection.

The mountain bike shoes are also distinctive, to transmit the strength of the legs to the pedals, with an exclusive sole that allows you to walk through mountainous terrain.

The helmet is essential because it protects the head from blows, it should be adjusted, but with some mobility, it is important to always use it in mountain biking where you are more likely to fall or be hit with a branch or other object on the road.

Other implements are important such as glasses to protect your eyes from objects and sun; gloves are essential for the protection of our hands.bell tentgopr0198 2 300x225 - Mountain Bike Clothing

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