Autumn Mountain Biking

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Mountain bike in the Fall! Experience this amazing adventure

It is necessary to make some changes to experience mountain biking in autumn.

During the fall, days get shorter, and it’s colder and rainy.

In the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, there are a lot of trails for mountain biking where you can see the beautiful colors offered by the flora.

Changes to take into account to go mountain biking in the Fall

During this time, as we change our clothing for mountain biking, we must also change several components of the bicycleoutdoors siluetae 300x300 - Autumn Mountain Biking

1) Mud tires: We need to install tires that blocks mud while traveling through muddy roads. With rain, the roads get slippery, and good traction is needed.

2) Adjustment in suspension: When the rain appears, we ride at a more moderate speed, so that it is best to adjust the suspension, making it softer and more effective.

3) Putting fenders: Placing fenders on the front tire of the mountain bike keeps mud from the face, protecting the eyes.

4) Clothing: Definitely in the fall, you will not go mountain biking with the same clothes as in the summer. Hands and feet get very cold, and we must protect them.

  • For hands use special cycling gloves for cold and rain
  • For the feet use special footwear for rainy and cold weather
  • Long cycling pants and large sleeve shirts with internal protection help keep you warm at this time

5) Cleaning the bicycle: In the fall and winter, the problem is mud.

TipiMeadow 300x300 - Autumn Mountain Biking

Photo of Colorado Range Tipi at Blue Sky Sage

So it is essential to clean and wash the bicycle after each exit. It is also necessary to lubricate and grease it to prevent corrosion of the most delicate elements of the mountain bike.

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