Most Popular Pop Up Canopy Tent Types

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When you are planning on hosting any sort of outdoor event, there are plenty of tents made in Colorado that you can choose from. But for many situations, a pop up canopy is going to be the best option. This is because these accordian-style frames are able to be completely setup or taken down by only one or two people and can be easily transported when needed. But as with any type of tent, not every pop up canopy is going to be the same. So in order to get the best tent possible for your specific needs, here are a few of the most popular types of pop up canopies.

Pop Up Canopies With Sides

One of the biggest challenges of having a pop up canopy at your outdoor event is that they are particularly vulnerable to strong winds. Therefore, a lot of people prefer to get a pop up canopy with sides in order to make sure that the wind is less able to get under the canopy and potentially move or damage the tent. So if you know that where your event is located is going to have some potentially strong winds, then you should think about getting the best canvas wall tent possible in order to prevent the wind from derailing your event plans.

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Vinyl canopies provide exceptional outdoor durability.

Vinyl Canvas and Steel Frame Canopies

There are a variety of materials that your pop up canopy can be use that will drastically affect its performance. That is why you should try and pick a vinyl canvas and steel frame canopy. By having the steel framework, it allows the canopy to be significantly sturdier and also helps to make the tent heavier to add even more protection from strong winds. The benefit of the vinyl canvas is that it outperforms polyester when it comes to weather resistance and UV resistance, which are both crucial capabilities to have during an outdoor event.

By getting a pop up canopy with any of these popular qualities, you will be sure to satisfied with its performance. Make sure to get only the highest quality pop up canopies for your next event by contacting us at Denver Tent today.

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