Millennials Are Highly Social
 Millennials like to travel in groups. Research conducted by HVS, a travel and hospitality consulting firm, revealed that millennials are more likely to travel socially with friends and family than any other generation group. They like to pursue their individual and shared group interests, such as gastronomy, entertainment, shopping, and sports.
Millennials Want Extraordinary Experiences to Share Online
Millennials don’t just want to have a great time; they want it to be relevant enough to share online. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat – you name it.
A study done by Chase Card Services revealed that “Three in four millennials post to social networks at least once a day while traveling.” HVS also added that they are not looking for conventional, but for exceptional. They want their pictures to stand out, so regular scenarios don’t cut it anymore.
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Millennials are Risk Takers
They don’t follow the crowds. They love innovation and are not afraid to try new things. Millennials like to mark their own beat as they cruise through life, whether it is clothes to tourism destinations, they like to go for the new and exciting.
Millennials Want Cooler Things 
Millennials are adventure seekers who want to be immersed in the local culture while still maintaining the conveniences of home. They like to travel to places that offer comfort, luxury, and the possibility to build connections with friends and family. Reason why glamping is such a great option for them.
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