Melted Snow Water in the Camp

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Are You Camping in the mountain? Drink melted ice with no risk!

Many times we have been alerted to the danger of drinking water in high mountains, melting snow or ice that is untreated. In theory, it is much better to drink it lower, when the snow has melted and is enriched with minerals from the soil, or by adding some preparation they sell in stores. A separate case is the purification of water, which has little to do with its mineralization. In fact, rainwater (or snow) collected directly is usually considered potable.

Also in theory, if we take non-mineralized snow water, having a large differential of mineral salts, it is thought our organisms produce a decompensation that can be very harmful.snow 1202574 300x300 - Melted Snow Water in the Camp

Well, it’s going to turn out that it does not. You can drink snow water or melted ice without any risk to the body, following a few simple guidelines. The dangerous thing is to eat snow or ice directly because the body needs a lot of heat to melt them and you could suffer hypothermia since burns can occur in the lips and mouth. Also, it takes a lot of snow to get a liter of water — precisely one kg. But there is no real health risk from drinking clean snow water, nor rain, nor in general any low mineralized or directly distilled water if it has not been exposed to polluting agents.

The contribution of mineral salts to the organism takes place fundamentally through the foods, contributing a very low quantity of these salts to the water. Therefore, there is a risk in taking demineralized water, but only if it is ingested over a long period of time.

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