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logo - Meet Blue Sky Sage Horseback AdventuresAt Denver Tent Company we really care about our customers and we encourage all of them to share their photos of our tents in action. Today we would like to share with all of you this interview that we did to Bobbi Wade and his company Blue Sky Sage Horseback Adventures.

Please tell us about your business and what you do?

We offer active horseback adventure vacations in Wyoming to riders from all over the world. Most of our guests are women, many are multiple year return customers, and their riding experience runs from intermediate to advanced. We only accommodate 6-8 riders per week from our well-appointed, full service tent camp.

Women Riding Club Blue Sky Sage - Meet Blue Sky Sage Horseback Adventures

Horseback adventures at Blue Sky Sage: Women’s Riding 

What differentiates your company from others?

Our company is one of the few remaining tent camp operations in the horseback sector of the tourism industry in the USA, which is not a typical pack trip operation. We also offer “open range riding” which basically means we are not a “nose to tail” trail ride operation; we are geared to accommodate riders looking to be more that just a passenger on a horse, but aspiring to be a true horsewoman/horseman. We have everything at our base camp to be safe, comfortable, well fed, well rested, and well mounted on quality horses.

What’s your favorite customer story?

Oh my, there are so many favorites! Probably one of the most compelling though is the one about the woman who booked a week-long Mustang Horse Adventure with us many years ago. She was a last-minute reservation, booking only about 10 days out from the trip. She was a quiet, unassuming woman, an excellent rider, a person who fit in well with the group, but seemed to take everything around her into herself. It was an uneventful, “textbook” week for us. About a month after that week, we received a letter from her, telling us that her experience with us in Wyoming, out in the wide-open spaces on horseback, surrounded by good people, and the added bonus of seeing wild horses, helped her to evaluate where she was headed personally, and gave her the ability to get herself and her 13 year old son out of an abusive relationship. Pretty powerful for all of us . . .

Horses at Blue Sky Sage - Meet Blue Sky Sage Horseback Adventures

Horses at Blue Sky Sage

How do you employ/use your product?

We use Colorado Range Tipis in the 9’6″ x 9’6″ size, made out of the 10.10 Sunforger fabric as the private sleeping quarters for our guests at the base camp. Each guest gets their own tent, furnished with a low-rise cot, covered foam mattress, and quality, warm sleeping bag. Occasionally, we have staff members who use these tipis as their summer quarters. These tents stay set up in place for nearly 4 months every year, from early June through late September, under nearly every kind of weather condition Wyoming has to offer!

What do you like most about your tent/tipi?

These tents, particularly if they are made of the Sunforger material are durable and relatively waterproof, considering the extreme conditions they are subjected to. Probably the best part is that you can secure them from the little critters like mice! And, they give a beautiful aesthetic visual to our camp. We use a tripod pole system instead of just the two-pole setup; it is much more secure in the hard wind we can get. We’ve never had a range tipi blow down using a tripod.

How long have you been a customer?  Why did you try CT?  Why did you switch over to CT?

We started using s around 2006. We had to replace several old range tipis we had purchased used when we started our business, and because the s were priced a little more affordable than others we had tried, we gave them a run. Also, our guests were speaking up that they wanted to be able to keep the little critters out, so the zippered doors and sewn-in floors were a priority.

What type of adventures have you had with your ?

Our guests really are the ones who have the adventures with the range tipis. Some have never really “camped” before, and they end up finding that their little tipi in the meadow or along the creek is a place of peace and serenity, and is quite comfortable. There have been occasions, before we started using the Sunforger material, that a gully-washer rainstorm has caused water to run in on top of the floor and soak everything (even bedding, before we used cots!), so those were some true events that Mother Nature threw out to folks. However, everyone took it as part of the experience and were good sports – after all, a little wind and sunshine will dry everything out pretty fast! So far, with the new fabric, the tents are staying relatively dry.

TipiMeadow - Meet Blue Sky Sage Horseback Adventures

Photo of Colorado Range Tipi at Blue Sky Sage

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