How to Make a Campsite Fire?

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Having fun around a campfire!

You can make a campfire quite easy with the right materials and tools. Gather tinder, chips, and firewood to start and keep the fire going. To maintain safety, remember always to make the fire at least 6 feet away from your tent or shelter, as well as trees with low branches. Take your time to put out the fire properly once you have finished enjoying it.

Steps to build a firecampfire 896194 300x300 - How to Make a Campsite Fire?

Find small, dry materials to use as tinder to light a natural fire.

Tinder is an easy-to-light material that helps to catch fire. Finding small, dry items like grass, leaves, grated tree bark or newspaper are ideal choices. In any case, tortilla chips are a big tinder if you’re willing to sacrifice food.

Find medium-sized dry material to serve as chips. The splinter is a material that burns easily when it comes in contact with the lit tinder, but it is difficult to ignite on its own. Look for small sticks or branches.

Make a tipi style structure so that it is easy to light.

Group the tinder material into a ball about 4 inches in diameter. Stack the tipi-shaped chips around the tinder with an opening on one side. Support the pieces of firewood against each other to form a frame around the tinder and splinters, leaving a space in the same place you did for the latter, large pieces of bark. Make sure they are completely dry. Make a structure “log cabin” to facilitate construction. Place the tinder material in the center of the campfire. Then, build a tinder-tipi around the material. Place two pieces of firewood on each side of the tipi. Then, place two more pieces through them perpendicularly. Repeat the pattern 2 or 3 times to build a “log cabin”.camp fire 1114088 300x300 - How to Make a Campsite Fire?

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