Maintenance of your Mountain Bike

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Don´t let the components of your mountain bike deteriorate

Mountain bikes require more maintenance than a street bike; this is because of the terrain in which they are used, which is on roads and mountain trails. Bicycles are exposed to dust and mud, and if not cleaned and washed, all components will deteriorate faster than usual.

The cyclist himself can do much of the maintenance, and other more technical work should be carried to the specialized mechanic.

The better the maintenance of the bicycle, the better the performance and the more you will enjoy the tours.

  • You have to have a basic set of tools at home for maintenance, and another set of tools for repairs that must be carried during biking.
  • Basic tools are a set of Allen keys, a cable cutter, two screwdrivers (one flat and one star), a Crucial Torx T25 and a torque wrench with adjustment and interchangeable measurements.
  • The maintenance of the sleeves of the bicycle cables is essential. The time of maintenance must be done depending on the use that is given to the bicycle but must be at least 2 times a year. If tours are made in places with lots of mud and water, the condition of the cover should be checked periodically.
  • Another vital part that you must keep clean is the transmission; this is ideal to clean after each exit, plates, pinions, rear changes.
  • Dirty oil combined with sand and mud causes the components to wear out.
  • It is advisable to apply degreaser, wait a few minutes and clean with hot water and a brush removing t all traces of dirt and oil.
  • Once everything is clean, you should put oil in the chain one drop for each link.outdoors siluetae 300x300 - Maintenance of your Mountain Bike

Mountain bike and camping: the best allies

Mountain biking has a lot of advantages like improving your cardiovascular health, strengthening the muscles and your immune system, and best of all, makes you feel better.

Camping has not only benefits for your physical health, but also the spirit. Spending time in the outdoors gives you a good mood, relaxation, and contact with nature, among others.

Get the best tent, relax, and exercise!Camping Buena Vista 62 300x300 - Maintenance of your Mountain Bike

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