Looking for a Memorial Day Weekend Camping Destination?

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View of Independence Monument – photo by NPS.gov

Have you considered Camping at The Colorado National Monument?

The Colorado National Monument offers one of the most amazing and beautiful landscapes in the world. Camping at this amazing place with our handmade canvas tents promises to be an unforgettable experience, if you’re looking for something memorable to do on Memorial Day Weekend. Truth is, it really just sounded fun to say…

However, the place is really a cool to visit. So if you’re wondering what to do on your long weekend and like the idea of taking the family camping. This is surely one option in Colorado you consider! Have better ideas? Tell us about those and we’ll share your input in our blog! 

About The Colorado National Monument

The Colorado National Monument was established a monument by the President William Howard Taft in 1911 under the authority of the Antiquities Act. The difference between a National Park and a Monument is that a park is set aside by an act of congress, which after approval requires the president’s signature. A monument is established by presidential proclamation only.

Corkscrew trail area by NPS - Looking for a Memorial Day Weekend Camping Destination?

Corkscrew trail area – photo by NPS.gov

In 1912 the Serpents Trail construction started in the Colorado National Monument and it was finished in 1921 being the first motorized route into the Monument. In 1931 the construction of the Rim Rock Drive began, and Civilian Conservation Corps workers arrived in 1933 to continue the project, along with the WPA and Local Experienced Men.

If you like rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, great photography and camping, the unique rock formations at Colorado National Monument offer a truly memorable experience.

Independence monument by NPS - Looking for a Memorial Day Weekend Camping Destination?

Independence Monument on 4th of July – photo by NPS.gov

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